Places in the U.S. Where You Can Get Land for FREE

As our country has expanded, our government has found it best to offer free land to those willing to brave the wild and untamed parts to further growth and expansion. Realizing that unsettled areas are often deterrents for attracting business and residential areas, the government has made free land tracts available, starting with the homestead incentives of 1862. More than 150 years later, there are far fewer areas with free land available, but they do still exist.

Is it Really Free?

The land itself is completely free, but you aren’t getting a free house. Most areas require you build a house on the plot of land you receive. This means living in an area that is developing and may not have certain modern conveniences, like gas stations or coffee shops. There might not be a local hospital, school, library or fast food restaurant. There is, however, hook ups for modern utilities, which is often offered without fee. For some, this type of “off-the-grid” “nature-centered” lifestyle is right up their alley.

Marne, Iowa – Residential homeowners must build houses at least 1,200 sq. ft.  in size and raise no livestock, but lots here are limited and only a select few are left.

Manilla, Iowa – The Manilla Economic Development Coorporation and the City of Manilla Municipal Utilities is currently offering 16 single family lots for those who build a single family residence in accordance to Addition and project requirements. Residents in this program enjoy free utility hook ups, five year tax abatement and down payment assistance for first time home buyers.

Lincoln, Kansas – With over 720 square miles of land and only 3,500 residents, the Lincoln city council voted to give away building plots in a new housing division to the first 21 applicants to meet requirements and build a home on their plot in accordance to city requirements.

Marquette, Kansas – The newest development on the edge of town, the Westridge Addition, has available plots for free with no building permit fees or utility hook-up fees. Applicants must fill out the application, sign a developers agreement and agree to build a  home that has a roof pitch of at least 5 to 12, meets residential design standards and sits on a basement or crawlspace foundation.

Curtis, Nebraska – Multiple lots with free utility hook up are available in Curtis to those looking to build a single-family residence, meeting certain building requirements and within a specified time frame.

Other free land tracts with similar requirements are available in:

  • Elwood, Nebraska
  • New Richland, Minnesota
  • Muskegon, Michigan

Moving to any of these locations is a great way to “start over” without breaking the bank. So the next time you think about moving, check out these places in the U.S. and see if any of them sound like home to you!


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Laundry Hacks That Will Save You Time AND Money

There never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done, especially the never-ending loads of laundry. There are several tricks, however, that can save lots of time before and after doing the laundry. The following 10 laundry hacks will help you save time when caring for your clothes.

1. Remove Grease Using White Chalk

Instead of presoaking or scrubbing with a brush, simply rub a piece of white chalk over stains. The chalk will absorb the grease so the stain will easily be removed in the wash.

2. Fold Immediately

Folding clothes right out of the dryer will reduce wrinkling and save on ironing time later.

3. Hangers on the Line

Ironing time can also be shortened by hanging shirts on hangers on the clothes line. When they’re almost dry put them in the dryer for about 15 minutes. This may eliminate the need to do any ironing at all.

4. Milk for Red Wine Stains

Use milk to quickly remove red wine stains before tossing items into the laundry.

5. Clean Out the Lint

Keeping the lint filter free of debris will help clothes dry faster.

6. Keep Multiple Hampers

Keeping two or three separate hampers or baskets will eliminate sorting time before washing. Having one for whites, brights, and delicates in the bedroom will save lots of time spent sorting.

7. Solve the Sock Problem

Throw out every sock in the drawer and invest in only one kind. This way they never have to be matched. This may be an initial investment but will save tons of time in the future.

8. Fill Drawers Properly

Instead of placing folded items in drawers on top of each other, which can make it time consuming to find items, place them front to back. Rolling items or folding them so they are stored front to back makes it possible to see everything at once.

9. Wash Delicates

Lots of delicate items can be put in the washer instead of washed by hand as long as they’re protected. Buy a mesh bag to put delicates in and then wash them on the gentle cycle with cold water.

10. Right Side Out

For those spending a lot of time turning laundry right side out, make it a rule for older kids to make sure clothes are turned the correct way before tossing them in the hamper.

Three Ways to Save Money on Amazon

Amazon is undoubtedly the largest online store in existence. They’ve done a great job at cornering the market and becoming the go-to source for millions of online shoppers. Most people blindly trust that they’ll be getting the best deal by using Amazon, and most of the time they’re right. However, true bargain hunters will take it a step further and ask – can I save money on Amazon?

The answer is an enthusiastic yes.

#1: Search Amazon Warehouse Deals

Amazon processes countless returns every day. Most of them are from returns that aren’t due to a faulty product, or returns because the boxes were damaged in shipping. Some of these returns make are able to be sold as new and are re-integrated with the regular inventor. Other items are still in perfect working order, but the product box is too damaged to be sold as new. So, it’s listed on Amazon Warehouse deals.

Amazon Warehouse deals has a surprisingly expansive selection of heavily discounted items. Many of their items are 60% off strictly due to a damaged box or other issue that doesn’t impact the item itself. Amazon Warehouse Deals is a great place to start when it’s time to go shopping.

#2: Add It and Leave It

This tip won’t always work, but it works often enough to give it a try if you’re not in a hurry to check out. Add the items that you’d like to purchase to your shopping cart, and then leave. Make sure that you’re signed into your account. Close Amazon and go do something else. The idea is to force Amazon to email you with a promotional offer to encourage you to check out. It probably won’t happen on the same day, but within a few days you might get an email offering you 20% off you’re order. Some believe this only works when you’re buying direct from Amazon, not when buying from other vendors selling items on Amazon.

#3: Strategically Go Prime

Prime is a level of paid Amazon membership that opens up many enjoyable features. While streaming movies and free ebooks are nice, the biggest perk is free shipping on most purchases. Anyone who frequents Amazon, or any online store, knows that shipping is often one of the biggest expenses when buying online. Amazon Prime membership eliminates this expense. While the service is typically paid, every 13 months any Amazon account can have a 30 day Amazon Prime trial that grants the full benefits of membership. By going Prime every year when you’ll be shopping more than usual, such as the holiday season, you can save tons of money on shipping.

Brands That Will Send You Coupons for FREE

Shop for your favorite brands without hurting your wallet!

Read through the list below to find your favorite brands, and then see what special offers they are currently offering!

Once you find the brands you love, simply email them or sign up for their newsletter—that way, you’ll be the first to know when they have special offers in the future, too!

  1. Angel Soft 
  2. Barber Foods
  3. Ben & Jerry’s 
  4. Benadryl – Contact form or Newsletter sign up for coupons
  5. Birds Eye
  6. Bigelow
  7. Campbell’s Soup Company
  8. Cape Cod  Contactnewsletter sign up
  9. Chobani
  10. Crest
  11. CocoCola Company
  12. ConAgra Foods
  13. Duck Brand Tape – email and request coupons
  14. Earthbound Farm
  15. Fresh Express
  16. General Mills Coupons
  17. Gerber
  18. Heinz
  19. Hershey’s 
  20. Hormel 
  21. Kellogg’s
  22. Kleenex – Contact or Promotions
  23. Land O Lakes
  24. Mars Brands 
  25. McCormick’s (spices)- email or call 1-800-632-5847
  26. Ocean Spray 
  27. Odwalla Company – Email request to
  28. Pepsi Company
  29. Pepperidge Farm
  30. Pinnacle Foods
  31. Red Rose
  32. Sensodyne
  33. SC Johnson
  34. Smucker’s
  35. Stonyfield
  36. Tylenol – Contact form or Coupons/promotions 
  37. Tyson
  38. Unilever
  39. Welch’s – Contact or Newsletter
  40. Zatarains


 What is your favorite way to save money on your favorite brands? Comment and let us know!



How to Save Money at Drugstores

Want to save money the next time you head to the drugstore? We have 8 tips that are sure to help you save lots of money during your next shopping trip! Check them out below!

1. Sign up for the Rewards Programs: Each drugstore has their own rewards program designed to save you money.

Bonus: usually when you first sign up they will give you promotions, like $5 off a $25 purchase. Deals like these are great to combine with other discounts to maximize your savings.

2. Make a list: make a list off all the things you need to buy, even the ones that you would normally buy at the grocery store. This way you know what coupons to look for.

3. Collect coupons: Once you know what items you are looking for, start collecting the coupons that you need! CLICK HERE for a list of all the printable coupons available.

Bonus: You can save even more when you combine store coupons with manufacture coupons! So be on the lookout for both!

4. Create a plan: Once you have all the coupons together, make a list of all the coupons you want to use. This part will be the most time consuming, but totally worth it. Figure out all the coupon transactions you are planning to make that way you can maximize your saving!

5. Organize: Once you have your game plan try to keep everything organized. You can keep them in a folder or binder. Make sure to bring everything with you to the store.

6. Shop sales: Most people tend to overlook items on sale, because it is not a product they planned on buying. However, you can make money checking the sales items. For example, you’re not out of your toothpaste but CVS is having a sale right now where toothpaste is $3, and you get $2 in extra bucks once purchased. Lets say you have a $1 off manufacture coupon, so you pay $2. But then you get $2 in extra bucks, so now the toothpaste becomes free!

7. Be prepared at the register: Each drugstore has a specific order on how to handle coupons.

– Rite Aid: If you have a coupon for a discount off your entire purchase hand that over first, then give any specific store or manufacture coupons.

– CVS: Make sure to scan your ExtraCare card first to ensure you get all the Extra Bucks rewards. Then hand over a coupon for a discount off your entire purchase. And finally all specific store and manufacture coupons.

– Walgreens: Everyone has their own order when it comes to Walgreens. Try different ways to hand over coupons and see what works best for you.

8. Have a back up plan: Sometimes the item you planned on purchasing is out of stock. When this happens ask the manager for a rain check. Usually, this slip of paper entitles you to both the sale price and your rewards when the product has been restocked. Although make sure to check with your local store about their rain check policy.


What are your thoughts? Comment and let us know!

How To Save Money On Drugstore Beauty Products

Every woman knows just how expensive beauty products can be. You want to look good, but you don’t want to spend half of your paycheck to do it. It is possible to do that, regardless of the high prices. There are plenty of tips out there on how to save money on drugstore beauty products. You don’t need to spend ten bucks on a pencil or shell out twenty for a contour palette any longer.

One of the best ways to save money is to ask for samples. Almost any store you go to, even drugstores, have samples of beauty products. Simply go to the cosmetics section and ask for what you are looking for.

Another great way to save money on drugstore beauty products is to sign up for their rewards programs. Usually when you go in, they will offer you the rewards program. They usually offer a deal every time you make a purchase, and they will even give you store credit, discounts for larger purchases, and Buy One Get One offers. CVS, Walgreens, and Rite-Aid all offer rewards programs with amazing deals.

Keep an eye on the drugstore ads. You will find a lot of deals there. They are usually there when you walk in the door. They will have discounts on everything from Physician’s Formula to Covergirl. They will give you hints about the offers in their rewards programs and tell you what’s on sale. You can find some amazing deals that way.

Paper coupons are still one of the best ways to get great deals on products. You can find them everywhere from your Sunday paper to the mail. They offer amazing rewards that you can’t find anywhere else. Brands like Revlon and Neutrogena offer their coupons directly to customers.

Hands down, the best way to get deals is to go online and find websites that offer coupons. You can find steals you never even thought possible. The internet is definitely a bargain shopper’s best friend.

You can find some amazing deals by using these six tips to save money on drugstore beauty products. You don’t have to pay a pretty penny to look good. You can do it cheap if you know what you’re doing. Drugstores are constantly offering new ways to save. All you really have to do is look and you can find a deal that matches your budget.


What are your thoughts? Comment and let us know!



How To Make The Most Of Your Gym Membership

Many people join a gym and then end up not going very often and/or not getting as much out of it as they had hoped. Below, you will learn some practical tips on how to make the most out of your gym membership.

Shop for a Gym Membership during the Summer

The busiest times for gyms are the winter months. The weather is often too bad to exercise outside and the number one New Year’s resolution is to lose weight so gyms get slammed right after the first of the year. The busy time is the least likely time they’ll be willing to cut you a deal. However, in the summer months they may be begging for your business. This puts you in the driver’s seat to get a great deal and save money.

Is There Childcare Available?

Many busy parents don’t work out as much as they would like to because they simply don’t have someone to watch the kids while they do so. If you fall into this category, consider getting a gym membership that offers trustworthy childcare right on the premises.

Join a Gym on or near the Last Day of the Month

This is another great way to save money when joining a gym! You may not realize this but many gyms give their employees great bonuses if they reach a certain membership quota. Others, in fact, make their employees’ jobs dependent on reaching a certain sales goal. This means that at the end of a month, you’ll likely find the membership sales people much more willing to make you a great deal.

Use Gym Time for Bonding Time

Are you having trouble connecting with your teenage son or daughter? How about your spouse? Working out together is a great way to bond with people. There’s something about using up all that physical energy that helps people open up emotionally. It’s also quite fun to work out with a friend. Set up a “gym date” once or twice a week and use the time to catch up. This will also keep you motivated to work out since someone else will be depending on you.

Shop Around With Trials

Most geographic areas have more than one gym to choose from. In fact, many places have several. One of the best tips on how to make the most out of your gym membership is to insist on a trial membership, at least a day, a week if possible. Some gyms will even offer trials for free to try to get you hooked. Try to go as much as possible during your trial to see everything they have to offer, including special classes. Be sure too to take note of the busy times and how that would affect you personally.

How do you like to save money? Comment and let us know!


How to Remodel Your Kitchen on a Budget

Many realtors rank kitchen remodeling as one of the best home renovation options for home owners keen on improving the resale value of their home. Remodeling your kitchen is therefore a good idea in most cases. It is however important to note that the endeavor can become costly easily given the varying cost of kitchen cabinets, flooring, countertops, sinks, fixtures etc. In case you are on a budget, you need to make some very important considerations to ensure you get the best value for your money. Below is a brief discussion highlighting how you should remodel your kitchen on a budget.

 Remodeling kitchen on a budget: 

  1. Consider a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) strategy: Labor costs consume a significant amount of the total budget in most kitchen remodeling projects. As a result, you need to think of the tasks you can do to keep the labor costs down. For instance, you should consider doing tasks such as painting, tile work etc. which require very minimal expertise or no expertise at all. You should hire only when it is absolutely necessary i.e. for technical tasks like plumbing and electrical work.
  1. Avoid trends & stick to classics: Trends aren’t ideal when you want to remodel your kitchen on a budget because they tend to increase the cost more often than not. Also, trends have a negative effect on your home’s value once they fade/pass. You should instead stick to classic styles and colors which have stood the test of time and appeal to most potential home buyers.
  1. Reface cabinets: Cabinets can increase the cost of kitchen remodeling drastically if they are replaced completely. Alternatives like re-facing which involve painting or staining cabinets can reduce the overall cost of remodeling your kitchen drastically without compromising the final outcome.
  1. Install a new sink: To complete the look of a new kitchen, it is crucial to install a new sink. This shouldn’t however be a costly affair since stainless steel sinks are affordable, durable, attractive and timeless.
  1. Find the right contractor: You should also consider planning thoroughly in advance and finding the right contractor for the job if you are keen on enjoying great savings. The right contractor for you should be highly skilled and experienced in the job at hand. This should be the case because such contractors rarely make costly mistakes. Also, highly skilled and experienced contractors know where to shop for the best kitchen fixtures, flooring, cabinets etc. at the best prices.

The above information summarizes how to remodel your kitchen perfectly on a budget. Although there is may be more information that can help improve the outcome, the above information is adequate enough to guide you on the right path.


How to Save Money When Buying a Car

The credit market is tightening every day. Vehicle sales are hitting record levels and buying a car has become no simple decision. The many decisions involved, including budget and running costs, would twist your stomach into knots. However, walking in and facing the dealer, as an informed, empowered consumer will help you save more money. So, on to the tips… here are the 5 ways you can save money when buying a new car:

Buy During the Off-Season

Car sales season begin in May. If you can hold off on buying the car you are eyeing until later in the year, it can pay off in savings. Most dealers prefer to offload the previous year’s cars from November right through to February, and of course at a substantial discount. This is the right time to beat the dealers on their “home advantage” and win the shell game.

New versus Used

If you thought a vehicle is an investment, think again! Vehicles depreciate quickly. When you buy a new car, expect it to continuously decrease in value by 25-40 percent within the first two years. So the trick is simple—let someone else take the initial 40 percent hit and buy a slightly used car that is a year or two old. In the past, there was a good reason to buy new – warranty. Today, it’s possible to find a car with a longer warranty that’s still in effect a few years after initial purchase.

Do Research, Determine a Fair Price and Compare Quotes

Spend some time researching what you want before setting foot on your local car lot. Know the price you are looking for and the type/size of car you want. Go to about ten or so car dealerships to help you compare cars and narrow down to two or three viable possibilities. Remember this only covers the car and how it drives, but nothing to do with the price. This is where you now need to involve Consumer Reports. They’ll probably charge you $20 for a service that reviews pricing for a specific car (new or used), including what add-ons actually cost the dealership, and what the average price per vehicle is in your geographical area. This information will give you an insight into what to expect in your negotiation.

 Pit Dealers Against Each Other

The goal here is to start a bidding war for your business. Settle on the make and model you want, and then contact a handful of dealers via the Internet. Let them know what you want and when you want to buy. Be very specific about the car you want – color choices, features, and specifications. Then ask for their price including all dealer fees. If the financing subject comes in, tell them you will deal with this later and are only interested in the price, not monthly payments. Ensure each dealer knows you are talking to the other dealers, and plan to give the sale to whoever cuts you the best deal.

Put Some Payment Down

Buying a car involves a lot of incentives. While it’s possible to put yourself in, and walk out of the car lot with a brand new car of your choice with no money, you had better watch out! Don’t let the joy of owning a car override your decision-making. Remember, vehicles depreciate rapidly. Financing the full purchase price will leave you upside down on the loan immediately. This means that you shall owe more than the car is worth. When you purchase a new car, there are taxes and other fees that go with it. They are often rolled into the loan if you put nothing down, so immediately you drive the car off the lot, you actually owe more money to the dealership or bank than the car is actually worth.

 What tricks do you have when it comes to buying a car? Comment and let us know!


Tips for Saving Money on Prescription Drugs

Based on the latest statistics, you’ll not be far from the truth if you say the world has become a planet of pill poppers. In 2010, American patients and insurance companies alone spent about $250 billion on prescription drugs, up from $40 million in 1990. Prescription drugs are becoming more expensive. They are taking a large part of our budgets. Unfortunately, our doctors aren’t necessarily thinking about our bank accounts when they pull out their prescription pads. They are actually the least to rely on for the most cost-effective options. So, below are seven dos and don’ts that will not only help save your pocketbook, but also put your mind at peace.

Go Generic

Generic drugs are safe and much more affordable than their brand name counterparts. With generic drugs – medication without all the fancy advertising – the potential savings are incredible. Over 80 percent of FDA-approved drugs have generic alternatives that as just as effective as the brand-names. They give you the same active ingredients and are available in the same strength and dosage as the brand-name drugs at a fraction of the cost.

Ask for a Lower Price

Shop around, call various pharmacies, and ask each how much it would cost to purchase your prescription medication at their pharmacy. Inquire about discounts and special offers before hitting upon the best price. Don’t be shy… let them know you are comparing shopping. Try to negotiate because obviously the price of your medication isn’t set in stone

Check your Insurer’s Formulary

An insurer’s formulary is the list of medications covered by your medical insurer. Depending on your formulary, copayments for two similar drugs, for example Zocor or Crestor to treat cholesterol, may be very different. So to avoid paying for the pricier drugs, you need options. Ask your doctor for a list of top three choices for every new drug he or she prescribes. Then, check out with your insurer the copayment on each as well as any applicable formulary restrictions. Choose the best option and let your doctor know the drug you prefer.

Choose the Right Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

The right prescription plan depends in part on the kind of drugs you take. Most seniors are enrolled under original Medicare, including hospital insurance (Medical Part A) and medical insurance (Medical Part B). You can get a drug coverage using additional extra steps. Seniors can get such drug benefits through a government-regulated private plan known as Medical Part D that charges between $15 and $170 per month. The best alternative is the Medical Part C, also called Medical Advantage Plan, which replaces the original Medicare and provides prescription coverage as well. It lumps Medicare A, B and D all into one.

Look into Splitting High-Dose Pills

Pill splitting revolves around the fact that many pills cost almost the same even if they contain twice as much medication. A 50 mg pill is roughly close in price to a 25 mg pill of the same drug. Check with your pharmacist or doctor if your medication is safe for pill splitting. If so, get your doctor to prescribe twice the dosage you need, so you can split your pills in half.

Ask your Doctor for Free Samples

Most doctors have samples of branded drugs from pharmaceutical companies. While taking free samples may not be the full complement you actually need, it will reduce considerably the number you have to purchase. However, use these free samples with caution. Talk with your doctor over future treatment plans before you begin to use the free samples just in case they lead to some expensive brand name prescription later. This means you could get a head start on your medication for free.

Communicate with your Doctor

It’s a good idea to tell your doctors if paying for medicine is a problem. Remember, not being able to afford medication clearly affects your health. It’s a mistake to assume your doctor is writing a prescription for the least-expensive drug on the market. Many physicians do collaborate with drug companies through incentives. It’s not surprising to find physicians who have personal preferences. Ask him or her about less-expensive alternatives. He or she may also give you valuable information about the Medicare prescription drug benefit, help you sign application forms for patient assistance programs, or refer you to a state-sponsored services and community assistance programs.


What do you think is the most effective way to save money on prescription drugs? Comment and let us know!